Busy Accounting Package Challenge Tally

In the Small and Medium Enterprise Business segment, Tally is one of the most widely used software in India for Accounting and Related Purpose. Not any more, Tally has a fantastic competitor,BUSY Business Accounting – by Busy Infotech.

Busy Software Product comes in 3 different versions – Small Business, Traders & Retailers and Manufacturing and Excise.

Today, Busy Infotech in association with NASSCOM said that they will give away FREE Software to NGOs to empower them with efficient accounting practices. Additionally, NGOS can train the Indian youth for finding suitable employment after training themselves on Busy’s Accounting Platform. Kind of a Win-Win situation for both as BUSY will be able to establish a platform of Accountants well versed with their software, prompting SMEs to make a purchase of BUSY software for book-keeping.

Ms Rufina Fernandes, CEO said,

The BUSY software can help NGOs in ensuring better funds accountability, efficient management systems and ultimately greater on-the-ground impact. Additionally NGOs can also leverage BUSY for training rural youth and creating opportunities for those who cannot afford the expensive accounting courses currently being offered in private institutes.

BUSY also has a FREE Version for SMEs which you can download and try it here.

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13 thoughts on “Busy Accounting Package Challenge Tally

  1. busywin is challanging tally nowadays, fantastic reporting system, easy enter data and viewing method, back date lock and everything is good but i want to know about payroll system

  2. Hi Muthu,

    Download Busy Pay(Payroll software from Busy Infotech not yet published in their website since about 5-10 years) from below site.


    It doesn’t include TDS module nor integrated with Busy Accounting Software but still it is simple & user friendly & flexible.


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