Online Advertisers – Forgot Security ? Free Tip to Improve.

online advertisingInternet Advertising Rush – Me too seems to be the mantra in India. Everybody from Guruji.Com [the over hyped local search engine best known to lose top talent] to Vdopia [Videos Ads], Yahoo! wants to the the Google of Advertising in India.

Big Dreams in the Internet World will be realized only by the ability to develop complex algorithms functioning in a massively parallel supercomputing environment with extremely innovative ideas.

Now what concerns me the most is none of the following dozen plus Advertising Startups have thought about user security while designing their systems. Just a month ago it so happened to me that while browsing a website using IE 6, a malware got infected to my Laptop as soon as I clicked on an Advertisement.

Google, the Godfather of internet continues to innovate in partnership with others [WebSense] and has the StopBadware initiative. One sub-system of this initiativ if the SafeBrowsingAPI which is made available to the world to check if the URL a visitor is going to visit is safe or not.

Tip for Non-Innovative Indian Advertising Companies:
Google’s AdWords system analyzes the landing page of each online advertise against the SafeBrowsing database to determine if Advertiser is genuinely advertising a product without any malicious intent. Indian Online Advertising Startups must include a check of the landing page using SafeBrowsingAPI and try to give a better consumer experience. If WebChutney had included this API, then they would not have had this problem of Malware

Author: Webmaster