Google’s Patent – Data Center in Container

The World’s Largest Super Computing Giant – Google Inc is at least 5 years ahead of the rest of the companies when it comes to providing unmatched consumer experience for Netizens. Robert Cringley once said that Google was working on having Data Centers in Shipping Containers and they have filed for a patent for the same in India.

Google’s Patent Application is filed under the title – Modular Computing Environment. The Abstract for the patent is as follows,

A computer system may include a connecting hub having a plurality of docking regions and be configured to provide to each docking region electrical power, a data network interface, a cooling fluid supply and a cooling fluid return; and a plurality of shipping containers that each enclose a modular computing environment that incrementally adds computing power to the system. Each shipping container may include a) a plurality of processing units coupled to the data network interface, each of which include a microprocessor; b) a heat exchanger configured to remove heat generated by the plurality of processing units by circulating cooling fluid from the supply through the heat exchanger and discharging it into the return; and c) docking members configured to releasable by couple to the connecting hub at one of the docking regions to receive electrical power, connect to the data network interface, and receive and discharge cooling fluid.

This is the latest patent filed by Google as of this day in India.

Author: Webmaster