Intel and NIIT launches multi-core training curriculum

Intel and NIIT announced the launch of multi-core training curriculum that has been developed jointly and will be deployed by the company, globally. The company, in association with its training partners will offer the Intel multi-core training curriculum to the software developer community, globally.

The multi-core training curriculum offers basic and advanced training – from an initial overview of multi-core, to a working experience of parallel programming, including the intricacies of multi-threaded programming and performance optimization. This is really important in Web 2.0 where Search and Multimedia are CPU intensive and are served by massively parallelled computers from a Grid.

The curriculum has been designed to empower developers with key diagnostic skills and specialized threading tools which will allow rapid deployment of correct and efficient parallel applications.

This global launch is an important element in Intel’s over-all initiative to prepare the software industry for multi-core programmers and the company’s mission of global talent development.

Author: Webmaster