MyDala Group Buying Vs KhojGuru – Discount Deals

With increasing number of Indians going online there is a need for Discount Search Engine. However, they have evolved in two different forms. One of the interesting concepts is that of MyDala – Discount Deals on Group Buying; thus the retailer or service provider gets volume and its a Win-Win Situation for both.

The other traditional way of passing Discount by means of Coupons [Airlines, Hotels, Retail Shopping, Clinics etc], but online now has been made possible by KhojGuru. You need to Register and Login to the site to download available discounts.

Services of both MyDala and KhojGuru are available in selected cities only.

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  1. Khojguru is one of the most popular discount coupons websites in India. The best part is that, they have very genuine offers and discounts.

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