BSNL Reduces Limits on Unlimited Plans

BSNL the largest Broadband Network in India just a while ago informed us about new plans which will further reduce the Data Transfer Limit on Unlimited Plans at the Maximum Speed user is eligible for.

  • BB Home Combo ULF 900 – You will get 512 Kbps only for the first 8 Gigs, that’s peanuts which can be exhausted within a week. After that your speed will be capped at 256 Kbps for the rest of the month
  • BB Home Combo ULF 1000 – You will get 1 Mbps speed for just the first 9 Gigs of Data Transfer and later it will be capped at mere 256 Kbps
  • BB Home Combo ULF 1100 – First 10 GB of Data Transfer at 2 Mbps [max] and then capped at 256Kbps

BSNL first introduced Fair Usage Policy in Sept-2009 and since then has turned evil. The company should try to work efficiently to make money and not cap broadband transfer limits.

BSNL Broadband Unlimited Home Combo Plans:

BSNL Broadband Unlimited Business / SME Plans:

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4 thoughts on “BSNL Reduces Limits on Unlimited Plans

  1. 512Kbps looks good, but the Fair Usage Policy should go away, make 512Kbps for Rs.700 per month without any FUP.

  2. The capping of transfer is just foolishness. Instead it would be better to offer unlimited plans at fair rates.

  3. IN ULF 1100 plan the speed we are getting is 256 kbps. Is that surfing speed or downloading speed. It is written that its downloading speed but i just want to be sure before purchasing the plan. Please help.

  4. guys be sure about speed of the internet service provider.512 kbps means dwnload speed of max 64 kilobytes per second.Similarly 256kbps will give u a speed of 32 kilobytes per kb stands for kilobits and not kilobytes.service provider just try to fool the customer with this.In fact all provider do the same.

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