Reasons to Dislike Technorati

Sorry for the small post unrelated to India. I have been Technorati tagging since the beginning and pretty upset with the guys who run the Engineering section at Technorati.

  • Their site’s performance is so poor that most of the times when I try to access, it doesn’t respond.
  • Go search for Mobile India [Screenshot] and out of the top 5 results 4 are spam. Is their any solution to fix this problem ?
  • Their are folks who are copying my blog posts word to word and its easier for Technorati to filter them out of search results because Technorati gets to know I am the original publisher with automated RPC ping. But Technorati doesn’t care.
  • Another bug easily spotted is my photo is missing when it lists my post.

Since Yahoo’s engine is using Technorati, can folks at Yahoo! answer me about handling the spam ?

Author: Webmaster