Small Business – Switch from Microsoft Office to Google Apps and Save

Google’s assault on Microsoft has intensified with a Blanket Ban on Windows Operating System across Google’s Office globally and today a massive Ad Campaign on how Small and Medium Enterprises can save by switching to Google Apps from Microsoft Office.

How a Small Business With 50 Employees can save $20,168 / Year by Switching to Google Apps?

  • Google Apps costs only $50 / user / year
  • Employees can be 2.8 times more productive
  • Small Business Could Add 1,225 GB of E-mail storage enough for 3 mn e-mails
  • Spam Control With Google Apps is far better than Microsoft Exchange server and thus all the 50 employees together can save 1,390 hours which otherwise would be dealt for dealing spam
  • Employees can communicate 36% more with integrated unified communications system that comprises of IM, Voice and Video Chat
  • Save 50 Hours with Automatic Updates
  • Finally, think of 99.9% uptime making your business truly electronic and global

Check out Go Google for more details.

Author: Webmaster