You asked for it and they responded. Most Indian geeks from the US, while visiting India, often feel frustrated without a high speed broadband connection at home. BSNL has introduced a short-term broadband plan for such users. All you need to have is a BSNL land phone on which a 512 Kbps connection will be activated.

You will be charged Rs 1,000 for the connection. Their are two plans, one upto a week and other upto a month. Check out BSNL announcement for more information. What is not clear is does it include the Modem rental and installation charges ? Such scheme is not available with Airtel however, Tata Indicom has a plan based on the usage hours so their is not much choice for the consumer for broadband internet access in India yet.

One thought on “BSNL Temporary Broadband Connection”
  1. BSNL Bangalore said that we should take the connection for a minimum of 3 months. Remember, they are charging double the monthly rental (based on the chosen plan).

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