Malware + Arzoo Spamming, is reported to be serving malware. Upto 434 files located on its web servers are tweaked to do so. Mary Landesman, a senior security researcher at ScanSafe said at least 18 different IP addresses are involved in the attack.

The report has been shared with Microsoft since hackers are exploiting Windows vulnerabilities [Most likely Internet Explorer vulnerabilities]. We have asked ScanSafe for more information and we shall update as soon as we receive details from them. It is not clear if sub-domains of indiatimes are also infected or not ?

Until then, even if you have to visit, we strongly recommend that you use firefox browser to visit the site. Stay tuned.

Couple of Months ago, If you can’t win consumers in a booming Online Ticketing world, what do you do ? Start spamming ? Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia’s failed startup which was reborn as a Online Travel Reservation portal has started spamming massively in India.

This is such a shame to a man like Sabeer Bhatia who once upon a time was a whizkid. This spam e-mail indicates that Arzoo is lagging behind its peers [List of Online Travel Reservation Websites in India] and is desperate to acquire customers to survive. Anti Spamming laws are hardly enforced in India and Arzoo is exploiting this loophole. E-mail sent to the company questioning about the spam went unanswered.

Author: Webmaster