Online Travel Hotel Booking Websites

The economic boom in India has fueled the rate at which Indians travel for Business and Vacation. All o a sudden everybody wants to be an online travel agent to sell Airline Tickets, reserve Hotels or Sell Vacation packages for your family. VCs from the valley have opened their coffers and here is a list of Travel Related Websites that will help you make reservations or plan your next Vacation.

Their was one more website, TravelJini.Com, but looks like it has went out of business. Sure the shakeout will be hard and lot of international players like Hotels.Com, Orbitz, Expedia will make their presence felt very soon.

None of these websites provide an API for Developers to build a website or a mashup or a fare comparison chart. Even foreign companies like Travelocity and eBay when they come to India, they forget about the Developer program.

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