Nokia N95 all India Launch in April

Nokia N95 is the future of connectivity. Talk, browse the Web at speeds as fast as your PC and enjoy the quickest download speeds with HSDPA. With GPS mapping, you can easily find your way around too. Your computer just went mobile is Nokia’s punchline for the N95.

Some of the Key features of Nokia N95 are

  • 5 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
  • 2.6″” wide display
  • Shoot DVD quality video at 30 frames / second
  • Built-in GPS mapping
  • Location based mobile search
  • Nokia Web browser with Minimap. Upload pictures directly to flickr and subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Stream music wirelessly to compatible headphones and home or car stereo
  • N95 has USB 2.0, WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity interface

The phone is expected to cost around Rs 45,000 in India.

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4 thoughts on “Nokia N95 all India Launch in April

  1. Actually, here I am feeling like being fooled or cheated by the BRAND on which I had blind faith in regard to their product’s being genuine and services being 100% on TAT & QUALITY. One time a proud Owner of NOKIA N-95 handset is writing you all this today as a DISGUISED customer of NOKIA.
    On 13th May 2007 I purchased a NOKIA N-95 right within 2 weeks of launch of this very product believing on NOKIA brand name. But, right after 1 month the handset started facing a problem of software hanging. On discussing this issue with Nokia priority dealer & Nokia Service Center and on several times consulting NOKIA Care I was always sent back with software re-formatted until the time I went out of warranty. Then on 20th Nov. 2008 the software hangs as usually for never turning up again. When I restarted my handset it started and goes up to the NOKIA WELCOME page and restarted the system again. The problem continues with the handset.
    The same was reported to NOKIA Authorized Service Center “MICRONAS TELECOM”, Noida, INDIA and submitted my handset for the repair on 5th Dec. 2008.
    Within a week I was asked for the approval of repair cost of 5,900 indian Rupees which was then and there approved by me. But, today on 17th Jan. 2009 after 42 days I have been asked to take back my Nokia N95 un-repaired as they feel that it cannot be repaired.
    In between I made complaint for the same issue ref. to: Complaint Id: 2-3M3LZH And 2-3NR3OP. Today I have been made to regret on my decision of purchasing NOKIA N-95.
    I have lost all my faith on NOKIA Brand.

  2. Hi everybody. I am Hussain from Palwal (Haryana). I have Nokia 3230 which have a problem of getting its display white from time to time. When I showed this to Nokia Service Center. They told me to re-install its system software. After 10-20 days it started getting restarted itself. I showed it to Service Center. Then they told me that its become dead. Now I have lost my faiths with Nokia.

  3. This handset is amazing and anyone that says otherwise have their expectations too high. The Nokia N95 is a smartphone produced by Nokia as part of their Nseries line of portable devices. The product have 5 megapixel digital camera and 8 GB internal storage with larger screen. The N95 is also capable of playing video in 3GP, MPEG4, RealVideo and in newer firmware, Flash Video formats.

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