State owned Telecom Giants, MTNL and BSNL are testing SIP based phones to target their broadband customers. Mr. Sinha of MTNL said – Many entities are offering Internet Telephony both legally and illegally.

Why will a broadband customer opt for SIP phone when he can do voice chat for free using Google Talk ? An MTNL official said that SIP hardware is much more acceptable and user friendly. Also the elders @ Home who are not computer savvy will find it easier to go for a SIP based hardware. If MTNL/BSNL SIP becomes reality, then their broadband subscribers can BUY SIP minutes and will be able to call the US/UK as cheap as Rs 2.0 / Minute.

If you have a broadband connection, you can talk unlimited hours with your loved ones in the US if they can setup an additional Vonage phone with local number calling. You can then hook the Vonage phone in India and when your folks in the US dial the local number, you can answer from India and talk as a local call 🙂

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