Tata Telecom plans to be amongst top 3 in 5 years

Tata Indicom plans to be amongst the top 3 telcos in India within the next 5 years.
Tatas don’t enter a market to be number five or six. We have to be number one or two. We have a scenario that’ll get us there by 2011” said Tata teleservices CEO, Darryl Green

So who will be the other two ? BSNL and Airtel ? Oho No. Reliance Infocom won’t give up. So pushing the government owned PSU out of big three league, can we expect Airtel, Reliance and Tata Indicom ? They might become the big 3 integrated players, but mobile space will have individual leaders in different market segments like Aircel in TamilNadu.

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