Top News + Travel + Sports Sites

comScore just a while ago released data on the Top News, Travel and Sports sites in India based on the number of visitors. Here is the Results.

Travel: The Top sites in Travel are topped by rail websites and online travel agents. 19.4 percent of web users visited the Indian Railways site in March, and average usage on that site, as well as on, is about half an hour.

  1. Indian Railways []
  2. Yatra Online
  3. MakeMyTrip
  4. ClearTrip
  5. Expedia
  6. Other sites like Travelocity and MustSeeIndia have also gained significant popularity

News:58 percent of Indian web users visited a News/Info site, a category that is similarly popular among web users in the other BRIC countries. Growth in India was 16% over the past year, outpacing regional growth of 2% and global growth at 3%. The Top sites in this category ar,

  1. Yahoo News Network [Tha tis because, once you logout of Yahoo!, you are directed to the homepage with news content ]
  2. Times of India
  3. New York Times [ Surprising that it is popular in India, questionable metrics ?]
  4. Hindustan Times
  5. BBC
  6. Other include NDTV, OneIndia, etc

Sports:With the Cricket World Cup in March, Cricket sites dominate the top Sports site during the month. Visiting to ESPN and Yahoo! Sports are dominated by the Cricket channels, and Yahoo! Cricket. And the top sites in this Category are,

  1. ESPN
  2. Yahoo! Sports
  3. CricBuzz
  4. CricTime
  5. Sify Sports
  6. Others include CricketCountry, CricketNext.

Unique visitors got a boost to as high as 25 Mn in March and tapered off the next month. India vs Pakistan Match attracted the Maximum Traffic during the World Cup Series 🙂

Author: Webmaster