Why MTNL introduced Line Bonding 8 Mbps Tribdand DSL Plan ?

MTNL Mumbai has probably become the first Broadband Service Provider in India to offer “Line Bonding Internet Service“.

What is Line Bonding ?
Line bonding is a process in which two broadband connections are taken and made them to work as one, so the Broadband Speed is doubled at the users end. For Example, if a user is receiving 4 Mbps download speed, with line bonding they can expect to receive 8 Mbpswhich is similar to fibre / FTTH broadband .

Why is Line Bonding Done ?
Some users are bandwidth guzzlers and want to merge two separate ADSL lines to get double the speed. They started doing so using a Router like ZyXel ADSL2+ Bonded 4-port Router which can support ADSL2+ connections. Thus to satiate such users, MTNL itself is doing so at the Exchange end (DSLAM).

Details of MTNl 8 Mbps Triband DSL Plan with Line Bonding
Tariff – Rs 2999 + Taxes
Data Usage – 60 GB Free
Download Speed – 8 Mbps
Upload Speed 2 Mbps
Additional Data Usage – 10 Paise / MB Upto 120 GB and 5 Paise / MB thereafter.

Do let us know if your experience on Line Bonding Broadband if you opt for this connection.

Author: Webmaster