Interactive Avenues – Agency Based Advertising Solutions

Interactive Avenues is a full service Advertising agency and is among the largest with an employee base of 150 people. Primary Services offered are media planning and creative roles as an agency in traditional media. That is only a part of the services offered by Interactive Avenues. In addition to creative media planning and buying and campaign management of an agency involved with traditional media, they also provide SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), analytics, social monitoring, and social media marketing.

Advertising Market in India – 2011: The advertising market is worth US$5bn-6.5bn, out of which online advertising is only US$250m, i.e. it accounts for less than 5%. TV and print advertising account for US$2.2bn each in India. Nearly 70% of it would be through search engines, where Google is dominant. Of the US$250m, we expect Google to have a share of US$140. Yahoo has US$22m, Rediff is at US$16m and Web18 is close to US$15m.

Size of Agency Market for Advertising in India Out of the US$250m, search engines account for 50%. Within search, corporate is only 60%. The 40% retail advertisers do not use an agency. Even within corporate, 50% is done in-house. So, agency market from search advertising is only US$37.5m. Agencies have a larger share in display advertising, which is about 60%. So, the total agency market for online advertising in India would be about US$115m.

Other Competing Ad Agencies – GroupM, a WPP company is the largest player. Then there is Neo from O&M and Tribal DDB, a part of the Mudra Group. Other players operating in the internet space are Mindshare interactive, Maxis, MEC Interactive, Quasar, Blazer, etc. Web specialists include Pinstrom, Indigo consulting and C2 Search.

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