Seedfund India to fund your innovative ideas

Six years into the new millenium, the Government of India is still lost in petty politics of Casteism / Racism in every walk of life – Education to Jobs ignoring a new class of Indians – Innovators. Indians Innovators together have filed / secured 30% more patents in the past 12 months and are deperately looking for funds to fund their dream ventures .

Hello World – seedfund

seedfund is a fund set by well known Silicon valley investors and Indian busienss houses. The current list includes Motorola Ventures, Reliance ADA Group, SVB Financial Group, an affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank, Sierra Ventures, Edelweiss Capital , Kanwal Rekhi, KB Chandrashekhar, B V Jagadeesh and Sridar Iyengar.

So if you’ve got a killer idea and a working prototype of something that will change the way people do business or live and eat, then seedfund is waiting for you. Best!!!

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