Why Facebook is Better than Google+ Today ?

A choice is always better than none. Facebook was the unstoppable Social hangout until Google unveiled Google+. Despite being in existence for 3 months, we still like Facebook as a better place to hang out with friends and family compared to Google+ which is designed more as a Killer for Twitter and Facebook for its Information hungry Search engine.

Here are some of the reasons why our friends have continued to use Facebook,

  • Photo Tagging – Only Friends in the circle can be tagged while G+ lets tag anybody.
  • Chatting + New Wall Updates – The Facebook Status Bar / Chat Bar on the Side is simply marvelous UI engineering to quickly ping somebody or see what’s happening.
  • Facebook Friends – Idea copied from G+ and was much needed in Facebook.
  • Facebook’s integration of RSS / News Ticker is a +1 [Google is trying to get Twitter & Facebook features combined into one as fresh meat for its search core]
  • Facebook has been embraced by Millions of Enterprises across the Globe and their Apps giving away deals to users and connecting them to help improve their Products & Services. G+ has banned this, not sure why they did this.
  • Facebook Skype Video Chat – We being Engineers can easily crackdown on fetaures of Facebook – Video Chat etc but most common people can’t :-(.
  • Facebook Apps and Games –  Google+ is coming slowly.

Where facebook Can improve ?
One feature I’d love to see is search for events, wall posts, photos within our own network. I remember that out of over 500 friends, somebody had a brunch in Delhi and had a comment to offer, I should be able to locate it while I am visiting Delhi by means of Social Circle Search 🙂

Google Plus will definitely try to comeback with its massive computing power and offer cut throat competition and may align some of the features of their network to be in sync with Facebook. All we can now say is, Competition is healthy for Consumers and the ecosystem.

Author: Webmaster