Current State of 3G – Roadmap + Factors Influencing the Choice of 3G in India

Though the Telecom sector sails through turbulent times, the Industry captains have continued to pour money into their companies lighting new networks and connecting 1.1 Bn Indians. As 3G Services have been rolled out in major Indian Towns & Cities, here is a quick research from the street on 3G services in India.

How Many users are likely to subscriber to 3G ?
The number is quite low since the services are albeit too costly compared to 2G. 14% are going to go the 3G way and another 23% are somewhat likely. 30% are unlikely and the remaining 33% are not sure what they want to do. More than 50% of the 3G users will be between the age group of 16-25 followed by another 30% in the age group of 25-35 thus the bulk of 3G is for the Young and hardworking Indians 🙂

The 3G-inclined audience is willing to pay up to Rs100 per service per month for each service – which may lead
to an increase in ARPUs for the service providers. Typically, consumers want to use two services; thus the ARPU incremental contribution could be as much as Rs200 per month. Note that, Monthly mobile expenses and income of the potential 3G users are significantly higher than the overall sample.

Handset for 3G – What Consumers are waiting to do ?
3.5% of overall users – are very likely to buy another handset, taking the total to 13-14% of users with 3G enabled handsets. Potential 3G adopters are more inclined towards smart phones with higher budget for the new handset – ties in with their stronger preference for high-end features.

Top 3G Applications as indicated in the survey
Gaming followed by Internet Surfing / Browsing [includes Social Networks] , Streaming Video and finally, office productivity suite – e-mail is the choice of consumer on how 3G will be utilized.

What many are unaware is the power of m-commerce in their hands provided a suitable and easy to operate eco-system develops [lies in the hands of Developers, product Managers and ofcourse Venture Capitalists without herd mentality]

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