Download National Telecom Policy 2011 – Complete Analysis

We have obtained the Draft of National Telecom Policy 2011 – NTP 2011 Draft. Here are the proposals from the Government and our analysis on the same.

  • Increase  rural teledensity from the current level of around 35 to 60 by the year 2017 and 100 by the year 2020.
  • Broadband  – Right to Every Indian – make broadband on demand available by the year 2015.  175 million broadband connections by the year 2017. 600 million by the year 2020.
  • Broadband – Minimum Speed 2 Mbps download speed and making available higher speeds of atleast 100 Mbps on demand.
  • Broadband Coverage to all Villages in India by 2014
  • Broadband Minimum Speed to be upgraded to 512 kbps in 2011 and 2 Mbps by 2020
  • 80% Indian telecom sector demand through domestic manufacturing with a value addition of 65% by the year 2020.
  • Indian Mobile / Cellular / Wireless 2G Users have a reason to Cheer – One Nation – Full Mobile Number Portability and work towards One Nation – Free Roaming.
  • Spectrum – Make available a whopping 300 MHz for the industry by 2017 and 500 MHz to 2020
  • Spectrum Act – Introduce a Spectrum Act in the Parliament to avoid 2G Kind of Scam. Delink the licensing of Networks from the delivery of Service to the end users to facilitate faster roll out of services
  • Encourage Applications for Rural India, machine to Machine Communications etc

In short, the NTP 2011 is full of reforms for the Consumers. However, industry is seeking some direction and road-map as well to make large investments. You can Download the Entire National Telecom Policy Draft here.

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  1. I´m a journalist interested en telecommunications and information society. That´s the reason because I want the Navional Telecom Policy.


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