Forget Dish TV – Watch Live TV using Mundu on Mobile / Laptop

BSNL did introduce IPTV so did Bharti Airtel but only in bits and pieces without any real proposition from the consumer stand point, thus losing its sheen. Mundu, a startup catering to Mobiles has launched an Application very similar to Tata Photon+ TV which will enable viewers to watch Live TV of any channel that they desire.

You can also choose from bouquet of channels ranging from NDTV 24/7 to UTV etc. Mundu has also launched a Mobile App which when installed on your Handset which is assumed to be GPRS enabled, you can start watching Live TV. So also there is an App for Desktop / Laptop / Netbooks. Mundu is Free for a month after registration.

The timesgroup is streaming its channels [ET Now, Tmes Now, India TV, etc] for FREE on the Web, ofcourse with very poor Video Quality and acceptable Audio. You can view the same here.

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2 thoughts on “Forget Dish TV – Watch Live TV using Mundu on Mobile / Laptop

  1. mundu tv is a great and easy to use service.
    I’m using it to watch ten sports on my work pc and my cellphone(E-series).

    I think its going paid this month, but it looks like an application I’ll hold on to.

  2. hi rahul …how i can see start sport on mundu tv u said in yr comments …as i can see only few news channels on it

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