Review – Tata Photon+ TV on Demand

Earlier this month, Tata Photon+ Mobile Wireless Broadband service Provider in association with Apalya [MimoBiTV] launched Live Streaming of TV Channels over IP. So essentially, Tata Photon+ TV is a IPTV.

Requirements for Tata Photon+ TV:

  • You need to have a Tata Photn+ Wireless Broadband [Post-Paid]
  • You need to download and install this software [15 Megs]

The platform on which this TV works is Adobe Air and the underlying Wireless broadband infrastructure is 1x CDMA network deployed by Tata Indicom.

Here is the starting screen of Tata Photon TV+
Tata Photon+ TV StartingThe next screen that will appear for you is as shown – You can follow the screen shots and the description of each of it.

In our view, the TV works really nice for the small resolution and definitely comes handy for businessmen on the move. We found a slight delay between Tata Sky DTH and Tata Photon+ IPTV is 20 seconds with the latter lagging the former. We think this could be due to Apalya recording on their server and then streaming it. Every one minute of streaming will involve 1 to 2 MB of Data transfer.

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