Sabeer Bhatia’s Arzoo is Re-Born

Hotmail co-founder, Sabeer Bhatia an innovator then is back in action without any innovation. Bhatia’s earlier Arzoo (desire) to provide companies access to a global network of technology experts who offer real-time problem-solving assistance for engineering, IT and tech support applications was shattered when the Dot Com Boom went Bust. Check out the Screenshot of being shut-down then.

This time Bhatia’s Arzoo is to be an online Travel Agent. (LOL) is now offering Airline Tickets, Hotel Rooms and Holiday Packages. IMHO, this was the last thing I would expect from Bhatia. Just yesterday I had blasted all these major portals on having single track mind. So you can very well expect Arzoo Matrimony or Arzoo dating from Sabeer Bhatia next 🙂

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